Summer Recap

My, it’s been a minute! Hello, blogosphere. Since my last post, I’ve navigated several new milestones. First, I finished junior year and am officially senior complete with Anass-ing privileges. For those new to Bryn Mawr jargon, the Anass is our college cheer/chant and can only be started by seniors. I have yet to begin one personally — I guess you could say I’m waiting for a special moment or event.

Thanks to the generous funding available through the Dean’s Office, I spent this past summer working as a Curatorial Intern at the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania. I had the privilege of assisting several curators and a Bryn Mawr PhD candidate on the museum’s forthcoming Jason Rhoades exhibit. I also edited exhibition catalogs and provided extensive research for the department. It was a very rewarding, not to mention fun!, experience.

It was also the first summer I lived away from home. Since one of my parents lives in downtown Chicago, I’ve had the advantage of participating in many internship programs without having to relocate to an urban area. Although I did miss having my groceries magically appear every week (not to mention my family and pup!), living independently in Philadelphia was a fun adventure that reaffirmed my love for the city.

Further summer recap after the jump, including Chicago, Maine, New York, popsicles, and puppies.

End of junior year pizza celebration with my little sister class (2016)

No post is complete without a shout-out to my pup, Ella


The Amalia Pica exhibit at the MCA in Chicago which I assisted with last summer.


One of my good friends has a lake house in southern Michigan. The lakes are deceptively oceanic.


Back in Philly, I had an amazing weekend at Ladyfest complete with iced coffee from a keg, a zine about being an 8th grade mall goth, and an awesome Permanent Wave patch!


Summer also meant spending weekends in coffee shops enjoying A/C and brainstorming thesis ideas.


One of my roommates, Henry.


Fourth of July with members of my big sister class (2012).




Awesome souvenir baseball card at the Belle & Sebastian concert.


My mom and I in Maine.


Some friends I made.


Ocean Point near my Grandmother’s house.


I (FINALLY) made the pilgrimage to see Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party.


Amazing Kara Walker figurines at the Brooklyn Museum.


One of the ICA curators sent me this note for my birthday. Penn’s campus is covered with these plaques.


Last popsicle of summer.


I went back to Chicago to have my wisdom teeth removed, but was able to make my way back to the MCA to see the Daniel Clowes exhibit.

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