How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

I’m never shy in expressing my undying love for my dorm– it is the banner picture for this blog, after all. The smallest traditional residence, Radnor is marked by an unbreakable sense of community and pride. We frequently host dorm-wide barbeques in the spring and have our own secret traditions. Having lived here all three years, Radnor is as much my home as Bryn Mawr is.

Now a Hall Advisor on the second floor, I’ve been charged with the duty of decorating my hall. While initially at a loss for what my theme should be, I finally had an epiphany: vintage Bryn Mawr. I’ve long been obsessed with ephemera. Whether it was looking through stacks of old yearbooks at my high school or pouring over abandoned photographs at flea markets, I love finding lost or underappreciated relics from the past. So when Vintage Bryn Mawr was started last year by a friend and recent BMC graduate, I fell in love. It was a perfect theme– both visually pleasing and simple to pursue. Check out some pictures after the jump.

My corkboard. I made custom name cards for each student with a unique image, like the one on my door.

I found several images of Radnor in the college's archives, including exterior shots and decorated rooms from the 19th century.

of course it wouldn't be complete without a Katharine Hepburn moment

various images also line the hall