People in Places

The past few weeks have been tremendously busy– even for Bryn Mawr. I went to DC, saw Agnes Varda AND Guerrilla Girl “Frida Kahlo” speak, hosted a concert, and wrote several papers. Photo documentation is below (minus the paper writing. That’s a state nobody should see me in except the librarian).
Although I have yet to take any courses at Haverford (my major, History of Art, is only offered at Bryn Mawr), I do take the Blue Bus about once a week as a member of their concert series. Although this is my first year in the group, it’s been a great experience book concerts that are open to the Tri-Co. A few weeks ago we had rapper Mykki Blanco perform. We’ve had a lot of artists play right before they get big, and Blanco definitely falls into that category having just appeared on the cover of the Village Voice.

Mykki Blanco

I try to go to DC at least once a semester. With several friends moving there after graduation last year, I have all the more reason to take the bus down. It’s such a beautiful city.DC DC

One of my friends, and recent Bryn Mawr alum, works at the National Gallery. It was great to have her give me a personal tour of the collection. DC

Conveniently, that weekend the NGA was also hosting an art history conference featuring the head of Bryn Mawr’s department! Conference


During my visit I was also able to meet up with a friend from high school. She graduated from Wellesley a couple years ago and now works in a Congressional office. Visiting her at college when I was still in high school was a pivotal moment in inspiring me to apply to women’s colleges. I love being part of a college network that extends beyond Bryn Mawr to the other Seven Sisters. IMG_4270

Penn has hosted several amazing events this semester. First up was AGNES VARDA. She had several talks and workshops, but I went to a screening of her film The Beaches of Agnes at International House. IHouse is an amazing institution and one of my favorite things about Philly. I had taken a French New Wave course my freshman year at Swarthmore and my current professor is writing a book on Varda. She is too witty and brilliant for words.Agnes Varda Agnes Varda



I also saw another personal (s)hero at Penn– Guerrilla Girl “Frida Kahlo!” I’ve been a fan of the Guerrilla Girls’ art activism since high school and have studied them extensively since coming to Bryn Mawr. Kahlo is an original GG from the group’s formation in the 1980s. The group is comprised of anonymous members of the art world who actively challenge the status quo of women and minorities in art. I was able to see one of their original posters on display at my museum internship last summer. If you aren’t familiar with them, get on youtube immediately!Guerrilla Girl