Bryn Mawr is Forever

The past couple of weeks have been some of the most trying and rewarding I’ve experienced at Bryn Mawr. I had a thesis draft due last Friday, but I had the misfortune of discovering my file had become mysteriously corrupt. Luckily, I had a previous version saved, but I lost about two days worth of work. I’m grateful to have such a compassionate thesis advisor (who is also a BMC alum!), but it was definitely a taxing way to wrap up a stressful week of late night carrel sessions.

That said, I also received a more welcomed surprise: a fully stocked thesis care package! An alum from 2001 read my blog and sent me an amazing assortment of snacks, treats, and other self-care items. Alison and I have never met, but since starting my Bryn Mawr blog last year, we’ve corresponded a few times over social media about our college experiences. The package caught me totally off-guard and left me utterly verklempt. It’s moments like these that remind me how special this community is. Thesising can be the worst, but Bryn Mawr is the best.

“Bryn Mawr isn’t plastic, it isn’t nylon, it’s pure gold.” -Katharine Hepburn ’28

Surprise care package!

Surprise care package!

P.S. You can read all about Alison’s post-BMC adventures in her blog, Diary of a Dairy Queen.

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  1. This warms my soul. So much alumnae love out there. IVY- keep trucking girlfrand.

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