Radnor Film Institute

While senior year is often marked by the love/hate relationship with one’s thesis, I’ve been making every effort to find outlets for non-academic fun. This fall I’ve created the Radnor Film Institute, a bi-weekly screening in my dorm’s common room. Our inaugural event featured Wet Hot American Summer and last week we had an Amy Heckerling double feature with Loser and Clueless. During my first year there was a senior film studies major in the dorm who was writing her thesis on 90s teen films. She would often have impromptu screenings of classics likeĀ Drive Me Crazy andĀ 10 Things I Hate About You. It was an informal tradition I really cherished and am so excited to bring back this year.

It’s a fun time to decompress after classes and reconnect with my fellow residents. Many of us have made a point to live together for all four years. We’re all very different in our backgrounds and interests, but I love having this community of sisters that have been with me since my first week at Bryn Mawr.

Our mission statement echos this sentiment –
The Radnor Film Institute is non-profit organization devoted to fostering community and collective organizing. Films will be screened on a bi-weekly basis on the Radnor premises and are open to all residents. The series is curated by preeminent scholars in their field.

screening setup

screening setup

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