Mawrter (S)hero

One of the greatest takeaways from my Bryn Mawr experience is undoubtedly the friendships and connections I’ve made with other students. Because dorms incorporate all students (there isn’t just a “senior” or “first-year” dorm) and traditions involve cross-campus inclusion, I’ve often found that some of my closest friends at Bryn Mawr aren’t even in my own class. This is especially true of members in my sister class. A sister class is created between every other year (for example, as a dark blue 2014, my sister classes have been light blue 2012 & 2016).¬†Though it’s hard to watch friends graduate, I’m relieved to know our friendships haven’t deteriorated and that I always have someone to visit when traveling, especially in DC, New York, and Boston.

It’s also exciting to see what adventures people are up to post-graduation. One member of my “big” sister class (2012), Kady Ruth Ashcraft, was an active member of Lighted Fools, the Bi-Co improv comedy group. She even took classes at Chicago’s Second City for a semester in her junior year (a productive and unique spin on going abroad). Since graduation, Kady’s been active in New York’s comedy scene, complete with performing in an all-ladies improv group, writing for College Humor, and producing videos. She’s also a really great friend. Perhaps I’m a bit biased, but these two recent videos are very good and, as one might expect of a women’s college alum, relevant.