Kim Cassidy: A List of Titles

This is Kimberly Wright Cassidy. She is a woman and she has brown hair. She is employed by Bryn Mawr College. She was once the Provost but she is now the Interim President. She also writes a clever blog.
I am an art historian, but I never claimed to be an artist.

I am an art historian, but I never claimed to be an artist.

As a member of the senior gift committee, I had the pleasure of hearing Kim Cassidy speak to a group of alums a couple of weekends ago. She was articulate and poised, but also had an incredible sense of humor. She also held the door to the gym open for me one evening. Suffice to say, she has received my stamp of approval. But one matter remains unconfirmed: What does one call her? I’ve devised a list of proposals for the Bryn Mawr community at large to consider. They are as follows:

  • Interim President Cassidy
  • Her Majesty the Queen
  • Her Royal Highness
  • Mawrtian Empress
  • Grand Duchess
  • Athena’s BFF
  • Saint Mawrtyr
  • Mistress of the Owlery
  • Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons

While these will suit any formal interaction, Bryn Mawr students have a knack for devising loving nicknames for our leaders. Former President Jane McAuliffe was known as “JMac,” for ease of reference. In considering Kim Cassidy, my mind went to “KCass,” but this didn’t seem right. Her personality needed something more. Thus, I propose “KSass.” Put a hashtag on it and let’s give this thing some legs. All hail #KSass!