Finals Recap

While it felt impossible at the time, I did finish my fall finals and live to blog about it! Luckily all of my essays were about topics I was genuinely invested in, but even so the tasks at hand felt daunting at times. As a first-year I couldn’t even fathom writing 40+ pages during a finals period, but I’m grateful to Athena for slowly but surely guiding me up to this point. No matter how many hours I spend in my carrel, there’s something rewarding about holding that huge stack of papers in your hands.

Everyone has their own studying style, but I think it took me until sophomore year to really fall into mine. I went to a rural public high school in Maine where strenuous studying wasn’t a regular part of my routine. Bryn Mawr has pushed me (in a good way!) to not rest on my laurels and really challenge myself in a way that feels productive and engaging. Perhaps one of the greatest things about a small liberal arts college is that no matter your academic background, there are resources in place to help you succeed and reach your potential. I’ve grown so much as a student and I attribute much of my success to Bryn Mawr.

But that’s not to say I didn’t manage to fit in some fun, too! No matter how hectic everyone’s schedules seem to get, my beloved Radnor always finds time to take our annual holiday photo.Though a relatively new tradition, I think it definitely has staying power and is a welcomed break to studying!

Wintry sunsets from my dorm window

Wintry sunsets from my dorm window

More photos below!

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