It’s the Finals Countdown

While I was certainly busy this finals season, I must admit it wasn’t as bad as semesters past. All the same, I found myself spending plenty of nights strapped to my laptop. But just as I hit the hardest hurdle of finals, I got word that I was mentioned in the Goshka Macuga exhibition catalog I assisted with over the summer during my internship at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago! Another fun break was my dorm’s annual tradition of staging a festive holiday photo, not to mention Done is Good tea! For non-Mawrtyrs, Done is Good is an end-of-the-semester tradition where students create finals to-do lists complete with candy rewards for every accomplishment. It’s a nice way to bond over the last push, not to mention indulge in plenty of sugar.

finals feast complete with simultaneous paper writing, netflixing, drinking, and eating.

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