Halloween & the Hurricaine

Autumnal charms aside, this October also finished with a vengeance.

First and foremost, the month culminated in my dorm’s annual fête, the legendary Radnor Halloween. This year was a great success with plenty of students from the Tri-Co and beyond (Drexel, Temple, etc). I also got to sport my costume at some events in Philadelphia to much acclaim (I went as Maeby Fünke from Arrested Development).

However this October did go a bit rogue. After Hurricane Irene’s underwhelming appearance on campus last fall, I wasn’t terribly worried about Sandy. While it seems devastation struck everywhere else, Bryn Mawr fared quite well with only a few downed trees and about 19 hours of lost power. The silver lining? A two-day hurrication.

Philadelphia on Halloween

Philadelphia Halloween Party

a Bjork cover band

No Doubt/Gwen Stefani cover band

Radnor Halloween was to capacity all evening

Radnor Halloween

George Michael Bluth and Maeby Fünke of Arrested Development

George Michael Bluth and Maeby Fünke of Arrested Development


Sandy caused my hall's emergency lights to go out for a couple minutes

reading by emergency hall light in the common room

luckily there was one outlet working in our common room. it's amazing we didn't start a fire with all of our computers charging...

post-Sandy leaf exodus