Bringing Home the Evolution

Bringing Home the Evolution

Mary Beth Edelson, Bringing Home the Evolution, 1976

Early November began with two monumental events: hearing Gloria Steinem speak and voting in my first presidential election. Meanwhile, in my feminist art seminar, I’ve been conducting independent research on Mary Beth Edelson’s amazing collages. It was the culmination of Gloria, Barack, and Mary Beth that filled me with an overwhelming sense of duty and purpose. Suffice to say, this November I’ve been working on bringing home the evolution.

Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem at Haverford

I had never seen Gloria Steinem speak before, but without hesitation my friends and I piled into a car and rushed over to Haverford’s campus. She was eloquent but accessible, delivering a message that shook me to my core. The way she fluidly spoke about class, race, and gender was remarkable. She concisely summed up everything I’d been mentally navigating since starting college. Afterwards I declared to my friends, half-jokingly, that I had just gone to church and been saved. Gloria Steinem reminded me of why we must continue to fight against inequalities internationally and why Bryn Mawr is so vital to our society.


Hebrew Obama

Election Day pin: Barack Obama in Hebrew

Only a few days later it was Election Tuesday. I had served as Radnor’s dorm representative for Bryn Mawr Democrats so I’d been quite busy knocking on doors and flyering to remind students to vote.

hall candy

Reminding hallmates to vote with my Hall Advisor candy bowl

Obama Express

All Aboard the Obama Express

The college provided a free shuttle service to the polls. I have voted every year since I turned 18, but this was my first presidential election.

Election Night

Minutes after Ohio went Blue

The entire evening my dorm huddled in our common room (with plenty of rations) to watch the election unfold.

I recognize that our country still has many hurdles to overcome. However, I do feel a sense of renewed drive towards achieving these goals of equality. I’m grateful for weeks like these for reminding me of the many ways Bryn Mawr has helped develop and inspire me as a woman.