November in Photos

As a self-professed iPhone addict, I’m at least not embarrassed to finally have an outlet to share the immense photo documentation of Bryn Mawr I partake in daily. So, here’s to November on the ‘Mawr.

Bryn Mawr Lamppost

Radnor Dorm

Radnor Sunset/Surveying My Castle

Bryn Mawr Leaves

Leaves outside of Taylor


Bryn Mawr Window

Waiting to meet with a Professor in Thomas

It's official: I'm an English minor!

Bryn Mawr Class Blazer

My friend in Chicago found this amazing Class of 1959 blazer for me! I can't wait to see it when I'm home for break

Bryn Mawr Postcards

Sending some Bryn Mawr propaganda to my twin cousins who are seniors in high school

Bryn Mawr Yoga

Some impromptu dorm room yoga

Hanukkah Gifts

Hanukkah preparations my mom sent

Twin Peaks Hall Tea

I hosted a Twin Peaks Hall Tea, complete with Federal Donuts and projected screening


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