Interview with a Shero

You know someone's a big deal when she has her own Tumblr meme

My first year at Bryn Mawr I had the pleasure of attending a paneled discussion at Penn’s Kelly Writers Huse featuring Kathleen Hanna, Sara Marcus, Katty Otto, and Beth Warshaw-Duncan. While fawning over Hanna, my middle school idol, I was also introduced to Katy Otto, a pillar of Philadelphia’s independent music scene and my newest shero (that’s a female hero, fyi).

A recent assignment for my journalism class served as the perfect opportunity for me to pick Otto’s brain a little. We met up at West Philly’s Satellite Café where we discussed trans-inclusive spaces, listening to Tori Amos in our teenage bedrooms, and what it means to be 35 and still in a “girl band.”

The article was published on our class blog, the English House Gazette. Read on.

Bringing Home the Evolution

Bringing Home the Evolution

Mary Beth Edelson, Bringing Home the Evolution, 1976

Early November began with two monumental events: hearing Gloria Steinem speak and voting in my first presidential election. Meanwhile, in my feminist art seminar, I’ve been conducting independent research on Mary Beth Edelson’s amazing collages. It was the culmination of Gloria, Barack, and Mary Beth that filled me with an overwhelming sense of duty and purpose. Suffice to say, this November I’ve been working on bringing home the evolution. Continue reading